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Wasgij Mystery 19 Bingo Blunder - 1000 Piece Puzzle


SKU: 19182

‘Bingo Blunder’ is the title of this fantastic Wasgij Mystery 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle.

Wasgij Mystery is the ‘what happens next?’ puzzle concept where you have to use your imagination to piece together what will happen next to the characters in the image printed on the box.

The Bingo hall is packed out and every player has their head down and dabbers ready to claim the big money jackpot! “BINGO!” is called by the table at the front and the celebrations begin… but is this win as easy as printing money? THIS is the scene you will have to puzzle, not the image on the box! (See the photos for an example of what's on the box versus what you have to puzzle!)

Fair warning!! There is no picture of the finished puzzle with this jigsaw - that's all part of the challenge and the fun!

  • 1000 piece
  • 12 years +

Part of our Classic and Comic Puzzle Collection.

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