Join the George’s Team!

Sales assistant and store co-ordinator for the shop and online.

Our team is a bit like a family. We are hardworking, loyal, reliable, kind and light heated. It is very important to me to maintain a great working environment for the team and make George’s a lovely place to work. Most of the team have been here from a minimum of 7years right through to a maximum of 20 years. We are using this as a fantastic opportunity to strengthen our team and will provide training so that you will be able to help us improve and succeed.

Currently recruiting for:

Sales assistant and store co-ordinator for the shop and online.

We are looking for someone who can be flexible and work 3 - 5 days per week on a 6-month contract up to the end of Dec 2022. The expectation is to work 5 days per week and where possible these will be set days planned the month before. If the business has a quiet period you can expect the days you are needed to work to reduce to a minimum of 3 days. There may be a possibility to expend the contract end date of which will be reviewed at the beginning of December.

This job role is quite diverse and will entail learning many of the operations and procedures undertaken to maintain the smooth running of the shop and the online sales. By learning all these different tasks you will gather a huge amount of varied knowledge equipping you with the skills to turn your hand to any job that needs managing.

Here are some of the jobs you can expect to be doing;

  • Delivery management: Unloading stock from pallets, checking these off on the stock control system, acknowledging any discrepancies, ensuring that the retail prices are correct and clearing the stock to the correct areas.
  • Store management: Ensuring that the store areas are kept tidy and organised.
  • Stock control: Creating orders from the stock system and keeping the inventory updated.
  • Making refreshments: we work our tea breaks and take it in turns to make these drinks at 10, 12 and 3pm. Lunch break is ½ an hour and is and unpaid.
  • Cleaning: Maintaining the cleanliness of the staff room and toilets and hoovering the shop. These tasks are shared out equally.

Online tasks:

  • Managing and ensuring the effective journey of orders from being printed, packed, dispatched and ultimately being delivered to the customer.
  • Running the back office software for the website, understanding all the systems and processes to enable efficient processing of online orders.
  • Picking and packing the orders. Learning and developing the efficient, effective ways in which to pack products to ensure they will get to the customer without damage.
  • Managing the re-ordering packaging materials to ensuring we always have the correct amount of materials to pack orders.
  • Co-ordinating and planning the collection of the parcels ready for dispatch.
  • Managing the paperwork process linked to safeguarding any orders that have additional actions needed are completed and dispatched.
  • Managing the tracking of the parcels from dispatch to delivery. This includes liaising with the couriers and communicating with the customers over parcel issues.
  • Customer service. Providing customer service for all the needs of our online customers. Answering calls and emails for all issues related to online sales.

Shop tasks:

  • Stock replenishment on the shop floor
  • Merchandising displays in the shop and possibly the windows.
  • Signage for the shop floor- handwriting labels and creating computer designed posters.
  • Customer service – help customers find what they want
  • Till operative – using the till system, cash handling, applying shop policies, end od day tilling up.

This job description is the basis for the training programme you will follow on starting. We will work closely with you to provide bespoke training and support to help you learn all the necessary skills and knowledge to complete all the above tasks.

The job does require good IT skills. Previous experience with any of the above areas is preferable, however not essential.

At times the work can be full on and both physically and mentally challenging. Occasionally there is deadline pressure.

This position is subject to all statutory entitlements and employment legislation.


Hours of work:

4 days mid week 8 hrs per day. 9 – 5 with 1/2hr for lunch (these days are to be discussed)

And working either a Saturday 9-5 or Sunday 10-5 (with 15mins break)

Renumeration: £9.50 per hour