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Rosetta Stone - 800 Piece British Museum Puzzle


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Rosetta Stone - 800 Piece British Museum Puzzle

This is an exciting opportunity to buy an exclusive British Museum product and to recreate the Rosetta Stone at home - This 800-piece jigsaw replicates the grey colour, shape and texture of the Rosetta Stone so that the puzzle retains authenticity to the original artefact, creating a unique and difficult challenge for all jigsaw lovers!

The Rosetta Stone was discovered in 1799 by French soldiers in the village of el-Rashid (Rosetta), in the western delta of the River Nile. By this time all knowledge of the ancient Egyptian scripts had been lost for over 1,000 years. The known Greek section (53 lines) at the bottom of the stone helped scholars decipher the two Egyptian scripts – the middle one written in cursive demotic scripts (32 lines) and the top version in hieroglyphs (14 lines). The text contains a decree in 196 BC establishing a cult in the temples in honour of the new King Ptolemy V Epiphanes, King of all Egypt. Every sale of this jigsaw supports the British Museum.

Customer Reviews

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A Very unusual present

We bought this for our 29 year old grandson - he loves it! We received an email from him with photos of various stages of the jigsaw being done, and the methods he was using to do it - firstly, he sorted all the different scripts into "same category script" piles... He was very amusing about the scribe hieroglyph which he called "man updating his status on iPhone...". We hadn't realised it was in the shape of the Rosetta Stone itself. We are very tempted to get one for ourselves... It is difficult, but a lovely challenge for those interested in the Stone itself, and it helps if you know the Greek alphabet.

Excellent, Unusual and Fiendish!

Purchased this as a gift for a friend moving away. They've not moved yet, so not opened the puzzle, but were delighted with it

This one might take longer to complete than the original decipherment.

We love jigsaws, and I'm very interested in the history of the Rosetta Stone, so this one was irresistible.
But it's an absolute bugger - 800 pieces, each containing just a small number of Greek letters, or worse, Egyptian Demotic or Hieroglyphs. Unlike most jigsaws, it's incredibly difficult to just look at a piece and see where it fits by using pattern recognition. It's almost impossible.
But - that's what makes the challenge so much fun. When we finish it - and we will, eventually - we'll have a wonderful sense of achievement.

Not for the faint hearted!

I bought this for my husband who loves all things museum. It arrived very quickly. Although only 800 pieces, it is very difficult as it is not a regular shape: the edges are the shape of the actual stone. There are 3 main sections each with a different ancient script. If you can read Greek or hieroglyphics that would help!!
The main problem is that we need to take a photo of the picture on the box and then enlarge it and work from that as the picture is so small it is no help. There needs to be a picture included with the set printed to a larger scale similar to the pieces to help guide you.
Not one for beginners. It iwill keep him quiet for a long time.