Endangered World 1000 Piece Ridley's Puzzle

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Endangered World 1000 Piece Circular Ridley's Puzzle

This beautifully illustrated 1000-piece circular Endangered World Jigsaw Puzzle from Ridley’s Games features the world’s most endangered species and the threats they face in their habitatsFrom the polar bear and the lesser known addax to the puffin and the North Atlantic garbage patch, discover over thirty animals and environments at risk from across the globe.

As you piece together this stunning jigsaw, you’ll learn a bit more about each animal and habitat along with the challenges they face. Use the handy poster guide to help you along and once you’ve completed the puzzle, why not do some additional research and explore if there are ways that you can get involved?

The puzzle has a finished diameter of 68cm - the unique circular format allows for easier collaboration around the table. Packaged in a tube box for easy storage, the 1000 pieces come in a paper rather than a plastic bag. These puzzles are recommended from 10+ years old.

Part of our Ridley's Game Puzzle Collection.

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