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Washable Snood Face Mask - Abstract Leopard

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Washable Snood Face Mask - Abstract Leopard - Medium

Made from double-layered stretch yoga style fabric for comfort, with an internal wire to sculpt around the nose and size adjuster at the rear, for optimum fit and protection - this is a face mask and fashionable scarf in one! The colour matched lining is made with skin-soft wicking fabric and can be washed keeping it fresh and hygienic.

You'll not have to fish about in your bag, car or pocket for your mask again - you'll be wearing it as a fashionable scarf - simply pull it up over your mouth and nose when you need it!

Customer Reviews

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Love this

I wear hearing aids, so normal ‘behind the ear’ masks are an absolute pain as I’m forever worried that I’m going to pull my aid out when removing a mask. This solves that problem. I think it would be a bit warm in the summer months, but at this time of year I just leave it on and pull it up when needed. Would like to see other colours/prints and perhaps just a tad cheaper

Fiona Tweed

The concept of the snood as a face covering is excellent , however I wish I had known it comes in different sizes . I was sent a size Medium which for me as an Asthma sufferer felt too tight and constricting