Fun Ways To Stay In Touch

Wonderful ways to maintain your friendships in lockdown!

One of the most difficult things about current times is not being able to see the friends and family that we don’t live with, as well as finding new and entertaining things to do to pass time with those in the house. We are so lucky to have modern technology to help with this, letting us video chat, message, and have new entertainment delivered all whilst staying safe and staying at home to do our bit.

Video chats have become a lifeline for so many people, connecting people to their friends and family as well as helping people work from home and communicate with their co-workers. Right now it’s as close as we can safely get to regular conversation, so why not have some fun with it? Adding fun filters, organising themes so people can join in costume or with certain food or drink, or even deciding to watch the same thing whilst on video chat together are all great ways to maintain friendships in a natural and memorable way.

Hosting a virtual quiz or a games night is a great idea to give everyone something to look forward to, and is something you can get lots of friends and family involved in. We stock fantastic Host Your Own Quiz Night and Escape Room Game packs that include everything you need to get everyone involved and playing together to create a real group atmosphere. To see the rest of our fabulous Games for Grown-Ups Collections.

Sending someone a gift is always a great way to remind them that you’re thinking of them - and that can mean the absolute world when you haven’t seen someone you care about in a long time. Whether it’s for a birthday, anniversary or 'just because', a surprise through the letterbox is always appreciated.

Here at George’s we love making people happy and helping find that perfect surprise, we have a range of quirky gifts and we have a new collection of Greetings Cards that are sure to put a smile on anyone’s face. Their bold, bright colours, funky enamel pins or sequin applique patches, and funny slogans will match any occasion and make people laugh. All our cards are blank inside, leaving plenty of room inside for you to fill with jokes, drawings, life updates or any kind of message you would like to pass on to a friend.

It doesn’t have to be an elaborate gift, just a simple handwritten card would brighten anyone’s day and they will be treasured long after we’re all reunited. If you are sending a gift to someone don't forget to include it in the notes box when you place your order and we'll make sure it reaches the recipient! 

It’s not just the relationships outside of your household that may need a little extra effort, it’s also a great idea to keep finding new activities you can do with those you’re quarantining with. After so much time together, it can be easy for tensions to build and difficult to find things to look forward to, so arranging times for creative activities is important.

This can be as simple as just playing some card games together, or can be a theme night with food and costumes, a movie night, or a complete game night for the whole family.

Our range of Grown-up Games are perfect for a fun night ,including really special themed decks of cards so you can find a pack to suit you best and have fun playing all your favourite games and even learn some new ones together.

If you’re after a longer game, then we have a Mixology Cocktail board game, Gin Game and even a Music Night Kit (which everyone will be more than up for after the gin game!). Any of these would make a much appreciated gift - you could even play together via video!

May 19, 2020 — Katharine Thorley