Petit Collage, Behind The Brand

At George's we're known for sourcing the slightly quirky, don't see it everywhere finds, that offer great value and make amazing gifts. So it's no wonder that when looking at growing our kids activities collections, we zeroed in on the adorable collection from Petit Collage. It's popping with colour and life, full or fun details and beautiful illustration.

The designer behind the brand is Argentinian born, San Franciscan residing, Lorena - she has a great eye for creating the types of products that really stand the test of time and plenty of play! Her products are have a clean feel and an emphasis on sustainability and a colour palette influenced by her latin roots.

Petit Collage's inception happened by serendipitous chance when, upon visiting a friend who was expecting a baby, she created a quick collage owl on a wooden plaque using her stash of gorgeous vintage papers as a gift. He inspired her owl chunky wood puzzle.

Lorena started out as a designer, inspired mid-century modern design and Swiss illustration which comes through in her illustrations and creations. Her style evolves constantly and since her early beginnings with Petit Collage in 2006, several designers have joined the team bringing their own unique flair to the table. Petit Collage design a Spring and an Autumn collection, making sure play value and eco-friendliness is maxed and almost anything can spark an idea!

Lorena is a mother and entrepreneur whose motto in business is you can have it all if you don't do it all! She made the decision at the outset to employee great people and her business has flourished as a result of the team values.Lorena's daughter is also key in designing the product lines - playing with her has provided Lorena with lots of a-ha moments that have helped design new Petit Collage toys, puzzles and play sets.

Petit Collage toys always offer something a little bit special - from the Follow + Spot Puzzles where little ones must first assemble a puzzle then follow the indented maze to spot items along the way, to the double sided puzzles and chunky wood puzzles that double up as little wooden toys.


We are in love with the bright colours and fun prints in Petit Collage puzzles - a

nod to the flavour of the Latin American artistic heritage of her childhood) and of course being a mother, the founder of Petit Collage appreciates the benefits of having toys and activities that are travel ready - magnetic play sets, puzzles in zip up pouches and toys in elasticated resealable boxes that make taking screen-free entertainment here, there and everywhere, a dream. Roll of summer staycations where they'll really come into their own!

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March 22, 2021 — Katharine Thorley