The Invent Sport Story

The Invent Sport Story - Ponchos and Steps Towards Sustainability

In 2017, they came together with a mission to bring high-quality, skin-friendly, and sustainable ponchos to the market. The team are deeply passionate about the importance of natural materials, environmentally-friendly production practices, and fair labour conditions. They knew that this was the only way to create a truly ethical product that they could be incredibly proud of.

The Invent Sport team spent a significant amount of time researching suitable production facilities. They wanted to ensure that they found the right partners who shared their values and could provide the quality and care they were looking for. After extensive research, many meetings, and facility inspections, they found two family-owned businesses in Pakistan and Portugal that shared their vision for ethical practices and environmentally sustainable production.

Fast forward to today, and Invent Sport works closely with both facilities - very friendly, caring family-owned businesses - to produce their changing robes and towelling products. Both owners care greatly about the well-being of their employees and appreciate their staff as the tremendous asset they are and without whom they could not lead their business to sustainable and long-term success.

While the two manufacturing facilities that they work with are not the most cost-effective options, the company believes that the importance of environmental and team well-being surpasses any cost considerations.

The manufacturing facility in Pakistan was established in 2008 and is located in Faisalabad. It is a family-owned and managed business with family at its heart. A significant part of the facility is made up of the sewing halls and the remaining areas are divided between warehouses and offices. The building itself is open-plan, flooded with natural light and air-conditioned, with excellent rest-area facilities - creating a comfortable working environment.

The facilities are equipped with all the necessary safety equipment and follow strict regulations to ensure a safe and healthy work environment. The employees are paid above the national average wage and receive full company-linked pensions and healthcare.

The team believes passionately in quality over quantity, and this reflects in their business model. They produce cotton terry products and viscose products manufactured from from fully-sustainable materials such as biodegradable bamboo and cotton. They also weave, dye, and finish fabrics according to their strict specifications and requirements, creating sumptuous double-weave velour and waffle textured cotton.

The team love our planet and are committed to reducing their carbon footprint. All cotton materials used are Öko-Tex Standard 100 certified by German and global institutes. This certification ensures that all textile items are free of harmful substances and are manufactured in compliance with sustainable working conditions.

All products are then sewn together, finished, inspected a final time by a quality control team, and packed into biodegradable, recyclable, and compostable paper bags. The team has a strict quality control process in place. From raw material selection to sewing, finishing, and packaging, the quality control team inspects every step of the production process, ensuring the quality Invent Sport products and known for.

In conclusion, the team at Invent Sport is committed to producing high-quality, sustainable, and ethical products. They take pride in their products and are committed to reducing their impact on the planet. With a focus on sustainability, quality, and ethical practices, the team hopes to inspire others to make conscious and responsible choices when it comes to purchasing textiles and put the focus on slow-fashion above fast-fashion.

You can support this slow fashion movement with each purchase of a poncho, hat or bucket bag made by Invent Sport. Shop our fabulous collection of colourful ponchos – big enough to put over wetsuits, our incredibly travel friendly towels and awesome bucket hats. Then keep the car sand free stashing it all in one of their incredibly versatile buckets! You can use these as a water bucket for dogs, a changing mat, wetsuit carrier – you name it!

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April 18, 2023 — Katharine Thorley