Why eeBoo Puzzles Are Amazing

We're big fans of eeBoo puzzles, the 'Woman Owned, Mother Run' puzzle company in the USA. As George's Whitstable is owned and operated almost exclusively by women and mothers, we the appreciate the parallels between us and eeBoo founder Mia Galison.

Woman Owned Mother Run

Refusing to embrace the compromise of work versus family, she started eeBoo over 25 years ago, in the basement of her apartment - with three children under three (eek!) - with the goal of creating wonderful, eco-friendly children's products whilst spending lots of time with her young family, who as they grew, could experience the business, understand it, and help Mia and her husband Saxton, with what they did.

Mia says, "Raising three children in the same realm as running a home-based business clarified our values as parents. We wanted to encourage creative thinking, open-ended play, and meaningful communication in the products we developed. Telling stories with our children, finding interesting objects in nature, and working on crafty projects together informed and inspired what is now the eeBoo line".

In the early days, eeBoo was a trail-blazer for women in business and Mia embraced the chaotic mix kids and dogs running and barking in the background as her brand, proud of it. But thankfully, independent businesses run alongside family life - like eeBoo and George's - are no longer an anomaly in the field. Evolving values, technological advancements, a greater emphasis on equality and a determination to make 'having it all' work, have supported myriad unconventional businesses entering the market - many mother owned and run.

Supporting Women in business

Eeboo also supports many independent female artists and illustrators. The artwork used to create eeBoo's incredible collection of puzzles has been commissioned from acclaimed children's book illustrators - from all over the world including our very own homegrown British talent - Victoria Ball.

English Cottage 1000 Piece Puzzle, by Victoria Ball

Sustainably Sourced

Also dear to eeBoo's heart is the environmental impact it has. As such, eeBoo committed from the very beginning to a 'Reduce, Reuse, Recycle' ethos of responsible sourcing and manufacturing to make their beautiful puzzles. Produced in a factory recognised for the integrity of its sustainable manufacturing, eeBoo puzzles are made from high quality 90% recycled board with minimal dust and printed with vibrant, environmentally conscious, 100% vegetable-based inks. eeBoo puzzles never come in larger than necessary boxes, or use excess packaging and are extremely high quality so can be passed on for others to enjoy again and again.

We are immensely proud to champion this wonderful independent Woman Owned, Mother Run, Sustainably Sourced brand and hope that you enjoy perusing the eeBoo puzzle collection for your next 500 or 1000 piece puzzle fix! 

September 09, 2021 — Katharine Thorley