Crazy For Koi

You may have noticed our stunning new Koi Carp collection online or in store, complete with colourful travel mugs and coasters, bags and home décor to bring a splash of Japanese infusion into your home? These gorgeous products undoubtedly speak for themselves; we believe they are only made more intriguing with information on the background behind the inspiration. So, we’re here to share a whistle-stop tour on the history and meaning behind our new additions.

Nishikigoi, which means living jewel koi, are brightly coloured fish from Eastern Asia that have become increasingly popular to keep throughout the last century. Originally much plainer, they were once used as protein sources during long winters in China and Japan, but once they began to evolve their bright scales and patterns, they quickly got promoted to symbols of beauty and decadence. There are currently nearly 100 different varieties of Koi Carp, and many of them have different symbolic associations relating to their different markings, for instance Golden Koi represent wealth and prosperity, whereas red and white Koi are thought to relate to love and friendship, and their cherry-blossom like markings lend themselves well to being symbols for Japanese culture and identity.

Koi are some of the most adaptable and perseverant fish, able to live in different water types and temperatures, and known for fighting the current to swim upstream and even up waterfalls when they need to. According to Japanese legend, if a Koi fish successfully swims upstream of the waterfall on the Yellow River known as Dragons Gate, then they will be transformed into a dragon. From this tale has stemmed an association with Koi fish as symbols of perseverance, success and advancement. When houses are being designed and built in Japan, Koi ponds are almost always included in the plans as this is believed to help the owner of the house have a fulfilling and successful life.

They are sometimes referred to as “warrior fish”, and it is claimed that even when they are caught, they do not show any fear but will bravely face even death. Due to this, it is thought that if you keep Koi fish then they will bring you courage and ambition. In Japan, Koi fish are highly respected because of their strength and bravery, and they are upheld as one of the most important symbols of national identity.

These fish are also used to represent love and friendship, as legend has it they were brought over to Japan from their native China as gifts of good will. In particular, a pair of Koi fish are representative of a long and healthy marriage or friendship, as Koi have remarkably long lifespans and are thought to be able to survive through almost any obstacle.

It’s even thought that dreams of Koi fish can have meanings rooted in your life, possibly representing luck coming your way or encouraging you to persevere through difficult times.

Who would have thought that a fish could represent so much? Naturally, with all of this rich history and meaning behind them, Koi fish are usually very expensive, but there are other ways to bring their gifts home with you - no pond needed. If you’re looking for some perseverance, prosperity, courage, love, or even just a splash of colour in your life, then check out our new Koi Carp Collection online and instore now.
November 08, 2019 — Georges Whitstable Admin